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Gearing Up for the Southern Hemisphere

SKI Magazine, September 26, 2018

After missing a flight connection and being rerouted, I arrived in Santiago without my ski and boot bags. So, for the first two days of my trip, I had only the clothes in my carry-on, which included the Bight Swelter Jacket. And it turns out, if you only have access to one jacket for a few days of a ski trip, the Swelter Jacket is the one you want. Continue Reading ....

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Used and Abused: Weekly Gear Reviews

SKI Magazine, August 2018

I love it when one of my favorite outdoor pieces also becomes my go-to for everyday creature comfort. That’s been the case with the Solstice Hoody from new outdoor brand Bight. I’ve put 100-percent spun polyester top through its paces during chilly morning runs and variable-temperature mountain hikes, and it hasn’t disappointed, moving moisture away to keep me cool and providing warmth when my inner furnace powered down. Continue Reading ....

Polartec’s Synthetic Insulation Is Now Fully Recycled

Outside Online, June 15, 2018

Polartec’s Power Fill synthetic insulation is now 100 percent recycled, with hollow fibers made entirely from reused plastic water bottles. When Polartec debuted the insulation in 2017, it was made from 80 percent recycled materials. Continue Reading ....

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Peter Whittaker’s 100,000-foot Promise

Climbing, May 29, 2018

The scion of America’s first family of mountaineering flips the apparel industry on its head with the launch of Bight Gear, a line of clothing for mountaineers, by mountaineers. Continue Reading....

First Look: Bight Gear Neoshell Nuker Jacket

Rock and Ice, May 22, 2018

In the 1990’s the “home sauna suit” was a real quick-and-easy weight-loss fad. The concept was simple: wrap yourself in plastic bags and go for a run. It resulted in “instant weight loss” and for a time Weight Watchers was boycotted in favor of heavy-duty refuge sacks. Continue Reading....

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Whittaker's MtnLogic Rebrands as Bight Gear

The Gear Caster, May 22, 2018

After decades of working to design gear for big companies like Mountain Hardwear, Jansport, and Eddie Bauer, climber and guide Peter Whittaker teamed up with Polartec at the beginning of 2017 to launch his own gear company — MtnLogic. A year later, the company is now rebranding as Bight Gear. Continue Reading....

This Is the Best Gear for Climbing Mountains, According to a Pro

Gear Patrol, May 18, 2018

The last town one passes through on the way to Mount Rainier National Park from Seattle is Ashford, Washington. That drive is a scenic one — the landscape gradually shifts from flat to foothills, and as the towns get smaller the trees grow taller. For many climbers attempting to summit Rainier, Ashford is a final base camp. Continue Reading....

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Virtually Undetectable: Bight Gear NeoShell Nuker Jacket Review

Gear Junkie, March 14, 2018

This minimalist, stretchy, and comfortable shell by Bight Gear has a formidable design pedigree. Peter Whittaker, the “primary decision maker” at Bight Gear (formerly MtnLogic), has a proven reservoir of design history and testing resources. Now he’s taking that cache, cultivated from his company RMI Expeditions, and using it to bolster the Bight brand, formed in 2016. Continue Reading....

Up on the Ice: Climbing Mt. Rainier with an American Mountaineering Legend

Gear Patrol, October 6, 2017

It’s 1:20 a.m. It’s cold and near pitch black. I’m somewhere around 10,200 feet above sea level, traversing the snowfield above the Cowlitz Glacier on the southeast flank of Washington’s Mount Rainier. Behind me, headlamps begin to ignite; their lights flicker in the distance as other climbing teams back at Camp Muir make preparations for the summit.  Continue Reading....

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The Women Behind MtnLogic's Awesome New Mountain Wear

Outside Online, July 21, 2017

Dog-walking doesn’t generally push a waterproof jacket to its limits. But climbing Mount Rainier—especially as a working guide—has a way of revealing flaws in the gear. “Those details may seem like no big deal when you’re only wearing stuff occasionally,” says Jess Matthews, a guide at Rainier Mountaineering Inc., operated by legendary climber Peter Whittaker. “But when you’re wearing things day in, day out, the problems really become noticeable.” Continue Reading....

American Mountaineering’s First Family Launched an Outerwear Brand

Gear Patrol, June 23, 2017

For-athlete, by-athlete brands are not uncommon. The idea is a good one — athletes are constantly in the field, so they know what gear should be and what’s just superfluous — but in a saturated market, many get drowned out and overshadowed by big brands with big business acumen. Continue Reading....

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Peter Whittaker's MtnLogic Apparel Claims 'Pure Function'

Gear Junkie, April 18, 2017

Build the perfect alpine kit. That is what renowned mountaineer Peter Whittaker set out to do with his own new brand, MtnLogic. This June, Whittaker’s new line of MtnLogic technical alpine apparel comes to market. Nearly 20 pieces make up the kit, complete with baselayers, breathable insulators, and weatherproof shells. MtnLogic’s line reflects layering systems worn by most alpine climbers. Continue Reading....

Move Over Patagonia & Columbia, MtnLogic Takes Over Mountain Apparel

The Manual, March 5, 2017

Has your outdoor sweater been tested over 1.2 million vertical feet of elevation? Yeah, didn’t think so. Polartec isn’t a brand name you’d recognize like Patagonia, Columbia, L.L.Bean, or The North Face. But it’s the insulation company that’s been enlisted by all of the above to pack their jackets with the best warming/cooling power the outdoor industry has to offer. Continue Reading....


Peter Whittaker’s Quest to Make the Best Mountaineering Gear

Men's Journal, January 30, 2017

It's shortly before midnight, at around 10,000 feet on Mount Rainier, when a shooting star rips across the sky so close you can almost hear it sizzle. Groggy climbers are fidgeting with headlamps and harnesses on the edge of Cowlitz Glacier. Above us, 4,000 vertical feet of steep, icy terrain separates the huts at this way station, Camp Muir, from the 14,411-foot summit of Washington's highest peak — and Peter Whittaker, co-owner of the guiding service Rainier Mountaineering Inc. (RMI), knows every inch of them. Continue Reading....

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